Cincinnati Ohio

Dj Koolaide



WVQC 95.7

Dj King Lo

(Koolaide's DJ Brother)

Dj Koolaide (Angela Reuss) is an international hip hop DJ. She's worked as a producer and radio host on WVQC 95.7FM in Cincinnati Ohio. Dj Koolaide has won awards and acknowledgement for her talents such as Best DJ at the Northern Kentucky/ Greater Cincinnati Hip Hop Awards as well as Nominated for Best New DJ at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. She is a member of multiple DJ coalitions such as Nerve DJs, Beat City Djs, X Squad Djs. She’s also been a judge for Coast2Coast Mixtapes, Beat Battles, and Song/Performance Contests. She supports the indie hip hop movement and has interviewed both well-known and independent artists. She founded and interviewed multiple indie artists prior to signing to record labels and distribution deals. Dj Koolaide has participated in multiple projects with artists such as a Cypher Contest, Music Videos, Voice Overs, and others. She’s learned a lot throughout navigating the music business and has mentored many artists to reach the next level. The station she hosted on (95.7) closed in October 2013. Since then, Dj Koolaide has branched off and started to work the bar/club scene as well as weddings and events. She's also started up music business consulting, and song critiques because she has obtained a wealth of knowledge and connections in the music industry. Because her passion is in the music, she is providing a low cost, affordable music business consulting. If you need a consultation, please use the contact form in the contact section of this website..

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